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A Colorectal Surgeon is a super specialist in the field of Colorectal Surgery. Colorectal Surgeons complete their training in General Surgery and then spend another 7 -10 years in their chosen subspecialist field of Colorectal Surgery to gain further expertise to become board certified specialist. This results in better outcomes for patients.

Rectal bleeding, Anal pain, anal lump, Change in bowel habit, Anaemia, Abdominal pain, Abdominal lump, Swelling in the abdomen.

If the above symptoms persist for more that 6 weeks, you should go see your doctor or colorectal surgeon for assessment.

Painless rectal bleeding is Piles/Haemorrhoids and Severe anal pain on passing stool with drops of blood in the pan is Anal fissure.

Yes. Most insurance companies cover these conditions. Please contact our clinic staff and they will help you with this.

Yes. Laser Surgery is available. Please speak to our doctor who will give you more details.

Yes. We can cure colorectal cancer if diagnosed early. Its important that patients reach out to us as soon as they experience symptoms which have persisted for more than 6 weeks.

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